Zillow for Good

Research, Education & Advocacy

Information is power and at Zillow we share it widely. We use our platform, data and research to educate and advocate for the people we serve.

Something magical happens when data is set free – people become empowered.

A Platform that Empowers People

At Zillow, we are customer — and data — obsessed. We strive to use our data and research to empower people — customers, policymakers, government agencies, industry professionals and academics — to better understand the housing market and make more informed decisions.

Zillow is proud to partner regularly with U.S. government agencies, policymakers, academics and housing advocates to support their work with unbiased data and research. Our economists and experts regularly engage in public discussions and events on issues around housing, affordability and related issues.

Fair housing matters, yet big challenges remain.

More than 50 years since the Fair Housing Act became law, housing discrimination still represents a significant barrier to finding a home for many people in the United States. Through our research and relationships, we are keenly aware of the longstanding impacts that discriminatory housing policies have had — particularly in communities of color — and the lingering effects those policies present today. Zillow prioritizes partnerships and initiatives that serve to educate the public and improve and enforce Fair Housing laws.

Working together to fight homelessness.

Homelessness and housing insecurity are a primary focus of Zillow. We know it will take entire communities working together from the public and private sectors to help move the needle and create solutions, which is why we prioritize innovative partnerships with government and civic leaders, housing-focused nonprofits, and the greater business community.

Everyone deserves a home they can afford.

Zillow’s economic research reports shed light on housing affordability in the United States, and work is still needed to bridge the gap. Zillow prioritizes initiatives to ensure affordable housing. We partner with government, civic leaders and nonprofits to bring our people and our technology to the table, providing in-kind services to help with the most immediate problems, as well as developing creative and effective long-term solutions.